Custom Tools

Need a custom tool?

Here at Star Tool Inc we have over five decades of experience delivering custom cutting tools that provide exceptional performance. Whether you're needing something made out of solid carbide or carbide inserted with a heat treated tooling steel body, we are confident that we can make the exact tool you need to the tolerances you require.


Custom tool options:

  • Slot Style Cutters
  • Lollipop Cutters
  • Dog-Knot Cutters
  • Reamers
  • Chamfer Cutters
  • Dovetail Cutters
  • Form Tools
  • And many more...


Ordering and RFQ process:

  • Send an email to
  • Include "Custom Tool RFQ" in the subject line
  • Attach a print or skecth (standard prints are available upon request)
  • Specify what type of material you will be cutting
  • Specify if you are wanting any coating added
  • And finally let us know what kind of lead time you are wanting